Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

I started Quigley's Cabinet on September 18, 2008, which means I have been blogging for just short of 2 years and have posted 796 times - an average of more than once a day! Time for a review. I am now getting more than 3,000 hits per week, from as far away as Thailand and Nigeria, but concentrated in North America, the U.K., Brazil, and Australia. I have 120 Twitter followers and 159 friends on Facebook. A total of 102 people have declared themselves to be followers of my blog, though I have many more "unofficial" readers. About half of my viewers are referred by Google, which my brother-in-law tells me is largely because I use so many images on the site (I have used 23% of my Blogspot quota for images). My most popularly viewed page is the post about Progeria (which is the subject of a Barbara Walters special tonight, by the way).

Tethered as I am to my home base here in Florida due to my dependence on my ceiling lift, blogging increases my reach infinitely. Combine that with an unquenchable curiosity, a good design sense, and the talent and motivation to write, and you have the perfect hobby for a homebody. I find blogging to be incredibly fun and rewarding. I like the instant gratification of being able to publish instantaneously as soon as I finish that day's post. I usually research the post the day before (although I do have a backlog), and begin writing just after I get up in the morning (although breaks and interruptions mean that it may not be finished until later in the day). I am sometimes asked if I will run out of ideas and the answer is no, never! I currently have more than 3 dozen ideas on the back burner for those "slow news days." But I am usually inspired by accounts in the weird news, and pride myself on making connections that allow me to bring you something more than a word-for-word repeat of the story. And I am gratified that you appreciate my efforts! Thank you for sharing my interests, thank you for introducing yourselves to me, thank you for your kind words and informative comments, thank you for your faithful readership, and thank you for spreading the word!


  1. Your skill and productivity both amaze me. I follow about twenty or thirty blogs, and none compare to yours in either of those attributes.
    In addition you chronicle a great variety of interesting topics.

    I am very glad that you have found a outlet for your talent and an inlet for communication with the wide world.

    May your birthday be blessed and your years fulfilling.

  2. Thank YOU! Your blog gives me something totally different to look forward to each day! ^-^
    I was so excited when I ran across this place that I ran to tell my partner, who also loves your blog. ^-^

    I'm excited to get my hands on your books, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Happy almost-second birthday & I hope you'll be around for years & years to come.

    Best wishes & hugs...


  3. You brighten my life......xx Thanks for being you and for sharing your interests and talents with the wider world.
    Keep at it - I so look forward to seeing what you have come up with.


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