Thursday, May 27, 2010


4/25/10 Everest et cetera Jordan Romero has succeeded in his goal to become the youngest climber to summit Mt. Everest. An Australian adventurer intends to find Mallory's camera and the body of his companion.

4/22/10 Sheep's clothing The cured meat of the sheep pig (pictured) sells for $82.99/lb and doesn't look very appetizing to me...

4/6/10 Corpses in strange places Ohio thieves stole a hearse, dumped the body that was in it, then abandoned the vehicle with a note inside telling them where to find the corpse.

2/4/10 Ironic deaths Chicago rail chief stepped in front of a speeding train with a manual in his pocket about how to clean up a suicide on the tracks.
1/24/10 Fiddlehead ferns It's fiddlehead season.

1/20/10 Ancient Egyptian finds Fifty-seven ancient tombs containing mummies have been found in Cairo. Meanwhile, a 500-year-old female mummy has been discovered in Seoul, South Korea.

12/23/09 Child heroes A 4-year-old Florida girl called 911 for help when her father fell face-first into an oyster bed.

12/22/09 Galloping Gertie A bridge in Volgograd, Russia, is swaying just like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge did before its collapse.

10/22/09 Birds in fable and fact Austrian scientists find that ravens console each other.

10/5/09 Snails Eating leopard slugs on a dare nearly cost an Australian man his life.

8/17/09 Leonardo's lion Scholars believe they have found the key to the workings of da Vinci's mechanical lion in the plans for another invention.

7/24/09 Creative cremains A woman turns human ashes into art glass objects. A Wisconsin man lost the ashes of his father and grandfather when the car in which they were stored was towed.

6/26/09 Frogs, deformed and fanciful Hordes of frogs on roads in both Apopka, Florida, and Thessaloniki, Greece. An international team of scientists has discovered a frog in Indonesia that has an inflatable nose.

6/18/09 Birthing and hoarding bunnies Hundreds of reptiles, including anacondas up to 30' long, have been found in a Milwaukee home and storage facility.

5/15/09 Giraffe evolution A South African woman has been killed by the kick of a giraffe.

5/11/09 Green eggs and ham A man is accused of stealing rare falcon eggs from a nest in Wales. Police in Fairbanks, Alaska, are puzzled by the arrangement of 26 decapitated chickens in a pattern. A peacock has moved inside the house of a British couple.

4/24/09 Bears in the news An Asian bear in a Japanese zoo has been filmed doing kung fu moves. A bear in Bellevue, Washington, is being lured out of hiding with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

3/30/09 Poisonous plants A figure in a Botticelli painting is found to be holding hallucinogenic datura. A Tacoma woman's death may have been caused by mistakenly adding hemlock to a salad. Bees may be addicted to flower nectar containing nicotine and caffeine.

3/24/09 Elephant and dragon A man in Indonesia successfully fended off an attacking Komodo dragon. German scientists have found 3 new varieties of monitor lizard in the Philippines. A woman in Thailand has committed suicide by throwing herself to captive crocodiles.

3/1/09 Crop circles The 1st crop circle of 2010. And another has appeared in Wiltshire, U.K.

2/26/09 Underwater creatures A fish with hands. The argonaut octopus that creates a thin shell around itself to serve as a ballast tank.

2/17/09 Killer chimpanzees Charla Nash is being evaluated for a face and hand transplant.

2/2/09 Premature obituaries Mark Twain's autobiography - which he insisted be suppressed for 100 years after his death - is now being published.

1/19/09 Ancient animals Tortoise thefts are on the rise in the U.K. Two North Carolina men were arrested for decapitating a turtle. A rare non-native snapping turtle has been found in a Chinese lake.

1/8/09 Hedgehogs The strong scent of hedgehogs will make it easier for dogs to track them in the Scottish Isles, where they are threatening the bird species.

11/29/08 Conjoined twins The world's oldest conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, will be receiving the new house they need. This article in the New York Times contains an image of the circus poster used to promote Millie-Christine.

11/20/08 Ice swimmers Lewis Gordon Pugh has just braved the icy waters beneath Mount Everest.

11/18/08 Albinos Albino otters born at a U.K. aquarium.

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