Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fashion backward

Two tintypes: one an antique, the other a contemporary fashion photograph! Yes, the latest trend in men's fashion is the adoption of styles from the Victorian era. The New York Times calls it "the steady infiltration of 19th-century haberdashery into the 21st-century wardrobe," as snappy dressers add bowler hats, greatcoats, knee breeches, suspenders, tweed vests, and capes. There has even been a run on monocles. This follows a revival of Victorian style in art, film, and interior design - the latter of which even runs to the incorporation of taxidermy specimens in the decor. Restaurants and boutiques have sprung up to cater to these trend-setters. And they have begun gathering in both the U.S. and the U.K. for "Tweed Rides," informal and liesurely bicycle excursions of well-appointed ladies and dapper gentlemen. It's not a costume - it's a lifestyle. So look for a dandy - or, in current slang, a metrosexual - near you soon...

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