Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review

For the review of the decade, I offer the the chart at the top by way of the New York Times (click for larger version). But for the year in review, I bring you the sun, the moon, and an exhaustive (well, exhausting, anyway!) list of 2009 "Top Tens" and such:

2009 Year in Review: News (slideshow)

Celebrities who Died in 2009 (thumbnails)

Smithsonian Magazine 6th Annual Photo Contest Winners and Finalists: The Natural World (slideshow)

National Geographic's Top 10 Archaeology Finds of 2009 (thumbnails)

Discover Magazine's Top 10 Astronomy Pictures of 2009 (slideshow)

10 Emerging Technologies 2009 (list)

10 Winners of the American Institute of Architects Residential Design Award 2009 (slideshow)

Guardian Readers' Best Travel Photos of 2009 (slideshow)

The Best Art Books of 2009 (slideshow)

Dave Barry's Year in Review: 2009 (column)

The World was an Odd Place in 2009 (article)

2009: A Strange Year in Florida (article)

2009 Darwin Awards (links)

50 Funniest Headlines of 2009 (list)

10 Weirdest Animal Stories in 2009 (slideshow)

Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of 2009 (list)

Be careful on the roads tonight. I'm sure you don't need a gimmick like this to remind you to designate a driver. Happy New Year from Quigley's Cabinet!

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