Friday, November 13, 2009


A more modest list of follow-ups...

Conjoined twins 11/5/09 Reader Sandra Konigmacher suggested this link, which offers antique anatomical prints like this 1775 print by Johann Gottlieb Walker.

Collyer brothers 9/9/09 I neglected to mention in my post that E.L. Doctorow has just published a novel loosely based on the Collyer brothers called Homer and Langley.

Mona Lisa(s) 8/12/09 Famous masterpieces - including the "Mona Lisa" - reproduced using coffee.

Eunuchs 8/7/09 India's intersex and eunuch community has been granted the right to indicate a 3rd gender - neither male nor female - on the country's voting ballots.

Steampunk design 7/21/09 Photographs of some cool steampunk guitars and - if you're into that sort of thing - guns.

Elusive animals 6/4/09 A researcher has proven for the first time that a South American songbird chirps not with its beak, but its feathers. In addition, several new marine species have been discovered during a biodiversity study off the coast of New Zealand, including the squat lobster that eats only wood (treetrunks and shipwrecks) that has sunk to the ocean floor.

Centenarians and then some 3/26/09 A happy story sbout twins celebrating their 100th birthday and a sad story about a homeless 97-year-old.

Shark attack capital 3/12/09 A pregnant shark at a New Zealand aquarium was bitten by another shark, unexpectedly releasing four baby sharks as visitors watched.

Spider prey 3/7/09 A British man has been arrested trying to smuggle 1,000 live spiders out of Brazil in 2 suitcases.

Footprints 2/28/09 Scientists have found the first dinosaur tracks to be recognized in New Zealand.

Killer chimpanzees 2/17/09 Charla Nash, victim of the chimp attack in Connecticut in February revealed her badly mauled face on "Oprah" this week (caution, photo on p. 3).

Megafishes 2/15/09 An Englishman fishing in Spain landed the 3rd largest catfish ever caught in the world - and then released it back into the wild.

Hedgehogs 1/8/09 A bald hedgehog, abandoned by its mother, is being cared for at a wildlife rescue center in hopes that his spikes will regrow.

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