Saturday, June 6, 2009

Domesticated zebra

In an earlier post about zebras, I noted that they are not easily domesticated. But this British man, a former horse trainer, has done just that! Bill Turner, 61, of Sherborne, Dorset, convinced "Zebedee" to accept a saddle and bridle within 3 weeks. The 14-month-old zebra had never been touched, and first threatened Turner with teeth and hooves, but was won over with kindness. "I have broken hundreds of horses over the years, and always wanted to try my hand with a zebra," said Turner, who purchased the animal from a game reserve in Holland for £4,500. Now Zebedee transports him to the local pub - the zebra likes to be ridden, the RSPCA approves, and Turner doesn't have to worry about drinking and driving. "The regulars got an incredible shock when I rode up."

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  1. Hi Chris... I don't know why but it suddenly occurred to me that I had never seen anyone ride a zebra... so I googled, "domesticated zebra" and was led to your page. I now know why you don't see more people riding zebras. Thanks ~ ! Next I'm googling, "wild camels".

    Dave Jenkins


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