Sunday, June 28, 2009

A bird in the hand...

...and a panda, and two meerkats, and an armadillo. All warm and fuzzy - except the armadillo, that is. But it gives me the opportunity to tell a story. Last time I was in Seattle visiting my sister Melissa and family, they brought me to Archie McPhee's novelty store. As Melissa was wheeling me inside, she said, "I always see things I want to buy for you in here, but I don't quite know what your level of kitsch is." As we neared the first table, I spotted an armadillo purse and shouted out, "Oh, I must have one!" "Yeah," said my sister, "that was one of those things! Now I know..." I also bought a very realistic penguin mask for my friend Deb. to wear on Halloween (which is not too far off, by the way).
Anyway, here we have a 3-week-old king penguin and a 4-week-old southern three-banded armadillo, both born at the Cincinnati Zoo; a 3-week-old panda born at the Chiang Mai Zoo in Bangkok this month; and a pair of month-old meerkat pups born at the Taronga Zoo in Sidney. If you need more zoo babies to ooh and aah over, there are plenty here.

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