Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apparitions of Mary and Jesus

My faithful follower Kent, who has been to the top of the Empire State Building, responded to yesterday's post to tell me that the Hine photos provoked his anxieties - he does not have a fear of heights per se, but a fear of being in high places without a barrier to prevent falling. Because Kent is also a follower of Christ, I am interested to hear his comments on this post...
I used to click on the links to stories about spontaneous apparitions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on walls and in puddles and clouds. But after the now-famous Marian apparition on the grilled cheese and the successful sale of the same on e-bay, stories about sightings proliferated: Mary in the shape of a Funyun? Jesus in a Cheetoh? I grew bored and skeptical with so many occurrences in the weird news and began checking only the links that seemed extraordinary. The point at which I put a moratorium on looking at any links at all was when the image of Jesus was spotted on the anus of a dog. No kidding. Kent?

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