Sunday, May 24, 2009

Drill surgery

Here's my stepfather Del - and here's my stepfather Del showing off the cool safety-toe shoes he got in a special promotion for buying a DeWalt drill. We e-mailed the second photo to my friend Cris in Baltimore on 5/11 to make her jealous. On 5/20, a DeWalt drill featured in the weird news! Nicholas Rossi, an Australian boy, fell off his bike and hit his head hard. His parents brought him to the hospital, where he slipped in and out of consciousness. The doctor knew he had to relieve bleeding in the brain, but the facility was not equipped with neurological drills. So - you guessed it - they borrowed a DeWalt from the hospital's maintenance room. In consultation with a Melbourne neurosurgeon, Dr. Rob Carson drilled into Nicholas's head in the ER: "All of a sudden the emergency ward was turned into an operating theater....We didn't see anything, but we heard the noises, heard the drill. It was just one of those surreal experiences," said the boy's father. Nicholas was airlifted to the hospital in Melbourne and released less than a week later on his 13th birthday. He is doing fine and his doctor has his first surgery under his belt - or should I say his tool belt...

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