Tuesday, May 26, 2009


car·y·at·id (kār'ē-āt'ĭd) n. pl. car·y·at·ids or car·y·at·i·des (-ĭ-dēz') Architecture
A supporting column sculptured in the form of a draped female figure. [From Latin Caryātides, caryatids, from Greek Karuātides, priestesses of Artemis at Caryae, caryatids, from Karuai, Caryae, a village of Laconia in southern Greece with a famous temple to Artemis.] car'y·at'i·dal (-ĭ-dəl), car'y·at'i·de'an (-ĭ-dē'ən), car'y·a·tid'ic (-ə-tĭd'ĭk) adj.

I've always liked this word, but never knew exactly how to pronounce it - until now. I just realized that the definitions on Dictionary.com are furnished with audio (just click on the speakers next to the words - rather obvious, but I missed it). The word caryatid is best illustrated by the south porch of the 5th c. Erectheion in Greece. And my best story about malapropism is this: My housemates and I were talking about words and language one time and and Jan - who had a knack for combining words in the most hilarious ways - confessed, "I was never very good at pronunctuation!"

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