Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fossil find on the map

I have crawled up out of the water (see previous posts) and landed on the beach! And a particular beach it is, with the following coordinates: 50° 36'20.99”N 2° 30'22.16”W. It is this beach that my first official follower Antler and her partner scoured on January 11th of this year for the fossils depicted here. They are lovely miniature things - lots of belemnites, a crinoid, and two ammonites - and I continue to carry them around and show them off. They are contained in a matchbox about 2" x 3" (I should have included a penny for size scale) and were found on the Jurassic Coast of England. Antler writes, "The beach is on a bit of a headland sticking out into water known as 'The Fleet' (Where Barnes Wallace tested 'Bouncing-Bombs' before the end of WW2).... The odd looking formation on the land is an army firing range." Thanks to Google Earth, you can beach yourself, too!

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