Sunday, February 22, 2009


James Taylor sent this link. For $43,000 you can be styling with a pair of stilettos ornamented with taxidermy. Designed by Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier, they are described as follows: The ‘Dovima,’ an 11cm, spike-heeled confection of gilded silk mesh and jewels, is embellished with a pair of rose pink-dyed, taxidermy birds with gold and crystal heads.”

The book I mentioned in my post on Abraham Lincoln, Stealing Lincoln's Body, has been made into a very interesting two-hour documentary of the same name. It premiered earlier this month on the History Channel and features interviews with the author. The website describes the program as "the strange story of Lincoln's un-rest."

Charla Nash, the 55-year-old woman attacked by her friend's chimpanzee, is still in the hospital and faces many surgeries. She lost her eyes, her nose, and her jaw in the vicious attack and may be a candidate for a face transplant. The 2005 chimp attack victim mentioned in my post, St. James Davis, spent months in a medically-induced coma and has undergone more than 60 surgeries. Of Nash's mauling in Connecticut, he said, "It's so much like my story...I hoped it would never happen again." And yet, he doesn't support new restrictions on people who wish to keep potentially dangerous wild animals in their homes.

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