Friday, September 26, 2008

Jim Schaefer Photography

These two photographs were taken by my boss Jim Schaefer, associate dean of the Graduate School at Georgetown University. His portfolio is much more diverse, but of course I gravitate to the more morbid images. The photo on the left shows the Jesuit Cemetery on campus, just adjacent to the building we work in. I see the cemetery frequently, but also see the 24" x 23" framed photograph from my desk every weekday. The photo on the right is of Mt. Zion Cemetery in Queens and captures the irony of the location of the smokestacks in relation to this Jewish burial site. Jim gave me a print when I completed my Master of Arts degree in the program in which he teaches: Communication, Culture & Technology. I did take his "Looking at Photography Course" and before you think conflict of interest, let me point out that it is the only B+ on my transcript! He asked us to compare two sets of photographs of our choice and rather than the thought paper he wanted, literal-minded Quigley wrote a beautifully crafted research paper...

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