Monday, April 9, 2012


Harar hyenas: Cubs | Albinos: Snail (pictured), White blackbird | Elephants: Outcry as elephant is separated from friend | Conjoined twins: Siamese pike, 2-headed snake x-ray, Conjoined Brazilian baby, Conjoined twins slideshow, Cyclops pig, 5-legged frog, Drawing by French | Flamingo: Fears that flamingos will blow away | Ape escape: Retiring medical chimps, Zebras escape from Virginia zoo, Exotic animal ownership, Flying squirrel in ER, Lemur in London, 100 snakes in hotel, Seal sneaks in for nap on couch | Bears: Bear in basement | Animal photography: Animals caught by camera trap, Lynx caught on traffic cam | Fossils: New dinosaur found in museum, Archaeopteryx was black | Discovered species: 200 new species in Vietnam, 46 new species in Suriname, New frog species on Staten Island | Lizards: Lizard playing games | Giant insects: Gigantic weta | Giant animals: Whale shark, Shrimp invasion | Auroras: Northern lights 2012 | Tortoise cold, tortoise hot: Turtle climbs fence | Wet specimens: May conference about specimens | Robo-animals: Wheeled dog | Dinosaur eggs: Fossil of dinosaur laying eggs

Brothers: Mutant flowers in Van Gogh painting | The workhouse and the writing hut: Dahl eschewed royal honor | Cat mummies: Found in 18th c. home | Cello passenger: Violinist and wombat, "Mad cow" fears | Pick out the Stradivarius | Egypt: Books burned | Property: Private island | Beer: Bad name | Pig butchering: Horse slaughter legalized | Antique chocolates: Aged cake | Fukushima dogs: Before and after Japanese tsunami, Escaped ostriches | Accidental crittercam!: Camera yields photos after year underwater, Photos of 1800s London, Color photos of London Blitz | Ring resurfaces: Ring reunited after 80 years | Sharp stone: Gravestone story, Cemetery sculpture | Relic thefts: Relics in luggage | Angel's glow: Arm from Antietam (pictured) | Crushed: Jaws of life | Mummy medicine: Mummy unwrapped

Golden (eagle) girl: Female falconer | Centenarians: Pediatrician dies at 114, 111th birthday, 106th birthday, 105th birthday, 105-year-old stockbroker, Oldest twins are 102, 100-year-old reunites with daughter she gave up as baby, Doctor on call at 100, 103-year-old facing eviction, Centenarian bodybuilder | Amputation: Prosthetic ice axe, "127 Hours" prop, 7-year-old swimmer with 1 limb | Eunuchs: Killed in fire | Roadkill: Retrieval | Library leavings: More library sculptures | Squatting: Squatters with a pig | Somnambulism: Deadly sleepwalking | Dwarfs: Shortest woman, Tiny firefighter | Death in transit: Bus attacked by tigers | Mt. Everest: Champion climber at 15 | Disturbingly young parents: 10-year-old mother | Just another dead bird: Deer dressed up (pictured) | Christmas kidnapping: Jesus nabbed |

I was gratified (and visits to this blog spiked) when my post on the skeleton with the prosthetic eye was linked on Fortean Times' Daily News Round-Up on 2/27/12 | Re: Temple, I contacted Temple Grandin through her website, asking how her notoriety had affected her, and was thrilled to receive a response the following day: "I am pleased that you are writing about me. Notoriety is keeping me very busy and I feel it is a great responsibility to provide people with practical, sensible information." | Re: Thoracosaurus thesis, Evan Boucher responded, "Thank you for the kind words! I must say I'm not used to the amount of attention this thing has been getting the past week. It's all so very exciting!" | Re: Brian's books, Brian Dettmer replied, "Thanks for the link and for featuring my work on your blog. Your books look very interesting. I have worked with several old anatomy and medical books and I usually only work with vintage or used books but I could see your books possibly being good subjects for my work. How would you feel about that?" I sent him a copy of Conjoined Twins! | Re: Yarn and you, artist Ben Cuervas says, "How cool! Thanks for the mention." | Debbie linked me to this evocative post "The Embalmers Fingerprints" | Angie sent a link about dissecting brains | I treated myself to some aKNITomy! (pictured) | My Mom gave me a mystic moon necklace | Download Skullphabet for free | Travel app for history lovers looks interesting | Mention of my new book on the Shocked and Amazed! website

These ideas never made it off the back burner and are hereby officially "retired": Mummies of the Grand Canyon | Cursing stone in Cumbria, Ancient curse translated | Piasa bird pictograph | FBI solves art crimes, Might be Michelangelo | Gravity globe | Domestic pigs go feral | Sing Sing sale | Children and animals (pictured) | Litter fine for thread | Lake swallows fishermen's cars, Scuba diver's body found after 26 years | Guoliang Tunnel | Civil War love letters | Name of carnival ride upsetting to some | Ball dropped from sky in Namibia | Shrimp spins silk | Sourtoe cocktail | Drawing the dead | 2,400-year-old soup | Big camera, Little camera | Japanese corpse hotel | Seurat's sideshow | For sale: House where "The Big Lebowski" was filmed | Benefits of hemispherectomy | Zodiac code cracked? | Bog bodies in Florida, Bog trek in Estonia | Sky survey | Donated milk teeth | Photos of frontier life | Mrs. O'Leary's cow | Snowy subway

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