Saturday, January 27, 2018

Quigley's Final Cabinet

Chris Quigley, Rest In Peace, 1963-2018

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Chris who "joined the great majority" on January 22 after a 30-year battle with MS from complications of pneumonia.

Chris was a unique person, delighting in the details of the morbid and curious, with blog posts that often made us laugh and often made us want to turn away before looking back and reading on.  Her posts, viewed over 3 million times, left us fascinated with her endless love of the unique, weird and often misunderstood.  In this way, she left us to feel that, in turn, perhaps all of us were worthy of such attention and love.  We will miss her.

Chris and her mom, Donna

Chris surrounded by the oddities and curiosities that gave her such pleasure in her museum (apartment) 

Chris and her dad, Jim, and nephew, visiting her museum (apartment)

A Natural "Green" Burial, Back to the Land

Chris selected a natural (or "green") burial that uses biodegradable containers and avoids embalming fluids and vaults.  She was wrapped in a family quilt, and buried with treats that would have put a smile on her face, at the peaceful Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery in Gainesville, Florida.  Her immediate family was there to say their goodbyes.

Chris was the first person to be buried in this way by her funeral home, and Chris would have liked that she was a teaching tool for them to learn about this process.

Wrapped simply in a family quilt, and surrounded with treats such as notes from loved ones, both her pizza and Halloween socks and plenty of chocolate!

More information on green burials can be found at and Chris' final resting home at

For thoughts and remembrances, please visit Chris' Facebook page, where you can leave comments and photos

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